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What is TRiO CATS?

Funded by a grant of $607,500 from the U.S. Department of Education, MU's TRiO Community for Academic and Tutorial Support (TRiO CATS) is part of the federal program called Student Support Services. This program is designed to help promising students from underrepresented groups meet the academic, financial, and social demands of a college education. The TRiO CATS office is in the Learning Center (100 Student Success Center).

Eligibility for TRiO CATS

Participation in MU's TRiO CATS program is limited to 650 degree-seeking undergraduates. Eligibility is based on several factors: (a) U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status, (b) first-generation college status, (c) low-income status, (d) disability status, and (e) academic need. Eligible students should receive an email message from the TRiO CATS program, informing them about the program and inviting them to apply for admission. They might also be referred to the TRiO CATS program by their academic advisors. If you have questions about eligibility for TRiO CATS or other Learning Center programs, come to our office (100 Student Success Center) for more information.

What can TRiO CATS do for you?

  • Academic Success Strategies

    TRiO CATS offers several opportunities to help students acquire the skills and confidence to be successful at MU:

    • A Residential Freshman Interest Group focused on Leadership and Identity

    • A Non-Residential Freshman Interest Group focused on freshmen transition to college

    • College Success Seminar (SSC 1150)

    • Study Plan Consultations

    • Student Service Coordinator Consultations

    • Free Tutoring in a wide range of courses in math, science, and many other disciplines.

    • For more information on these options, see http://TRiO.missouri.edu/success.html
  • Advising

    Whether you have a major, are searching for a major, or are considering changing majors, TRiO staff members can help you to identify academic and career goals that fit your talents and aspirations. They can also work with you to develop a plan for achieving your goals.
  • Financial Literacy

    The TRiO CATS program connects students with information designed to improve their understanding of their financial aid award and help them formulate a plan to meet the financial demands of college. We work with MU's Student Financial Aid Office and the Office for Financial Success to provide students with advice concerning financial aid, loans, tax preparation, budgeting, and debt management.

  • Scholarships

    Each year, up to fifty MU sophomores are selected to receive $2,000 TRiO Scholarships. We select recipients based on financial need, academic achievement, and TRiO CATS participation during their first year at MU. To be considered a potential candidate for the scholarship, you must be an active TRiO CATS participant, a Pell Grant recipient, and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

  • More information about the TRiO program and who is eligible:
    Contact: Mike Perkowski- TRiO Director
    Phone: 573-882-2493
    Email: perkowskim@missouri.edu

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