Opportunities to Develop Effective Strategies for Academic Success

The TRiO CATS Program offers several opportunities to help students acquire the skills and confidence to be successful at MU:
  • The LEAD Freshman Interest Group

    The Leadership Exploration and Academic Discovery (LEAD) FIG-Plus program is a 17-week Freshman Interest Group designed specifically for TRiO CATS participants. The FIG model co-enrolls students in four classes in the fall semester of their freshman year. Participants in the LEAD FIG are housed together during the semester in a centrally located, ADA-adaptable residential community. Course programming for the LEAD FIG is designed to encourage communication, exploration of self, and celebration of differences within and outside the campus community. It focuses on personal identity, leadership, and career development within a success skills framework.

  • The Non-Residential TRiO FIG

    A second Freshman Interest Group is available for TRiO students who live off campus. Like LEAD, it is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, promote strategies for academic success, and help TRiO participants connect with faculty, students, and learning experiences that will broaden their horizons and strengthen their bonds to the campus.

  • College Success Seminar (SSC 1150)

    College Success Seminar (SSC 1150) is a 2-credit hour course that engages students in activities designed to promote (a) self-assessment of their academic strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles; (b) effective time management and good study habits; (c) improved test preparation and test-taking skills; (d) judicious financial decision-making; and (e) thoughtful exploration of potential majors and careers. It also offers TRiO CATS participants a chance to meet and interact with other MU students who share similar backgrounds and experiences.
    Fall 2015 TRiO Sections

    SSC 1150 Section 35 Class Number 66537
    M/W 11:00-11:50 Strickland 313
    Instructor: Vicki Boyd-Kennedy

    SSC 1150 Section 36 Class Number 66538
    T/Th 2:00-2:50 Middlebush 206
    Instructor: April Bass

  • Study Plan Consultations

    Study Plan Consultants (SPCs) specialize in effective time management. They work with students to develop a personalized 3-Part Planning Toolkit, including: (a) a Monthly Calendar showing all due dates for assignments and exams, (b) a Weekly Schedule showing all weekly commitments and scheduled sources of academic help, and (c) a Grade Calculator (in Excel) for determining current grades, potential grades, and grade goals for each course. Using these tools, the SPC helps the student develop a plan to prepare for an exam or complete a major assignment in one of the student's more challenging courses.

  • Consultations with Student Service Coordinators

    Each participant in the TRiO CATS program is assigned to a Student Service Coordinator who will work with them to plan the support services they need to be successful at MU. The Service Coordinators contact students on a regular basis to monitor their progress and ensure that they are following the plan and it is meeting their needs.