Opportunities to Develop Effective Strategies for College Success


Whether you have a major, are searching for a major, or are considering changing majors, TRiO staff members can help you to identify academic and career goals that fit your talents and aspirations. They can also work with you to develop a plan for achieving your goals.

Financial Literacy

The TRiO Student Support Services program connects students with information designed to improve their understanding of their financial aid package and help them formulate a plan to meet the financial demands of college. We work with MU’s Student Financial Aid Office and the Office for Financial Success to provide students with advice concerning financial aid, loans, tax preparation, budgeting, and debt management. TRiO also partners with MindRight Money Academy® to provide a culturally relevant financial education platform in person and online for all Mizzou TRiO Students.


Each year, up to fifty MU sophomores are selected to receive $2,000 TRiO Scholarships. We select recipients based on financial need, academic achievement, and TRiO Student Support Services participation during their first year at MU. To be considered a potential candidate for the scholarship, you must be an active TRiO Student Support Services participant, a Pell Grant recipient, and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Academic Success Options

The TRiO Program offers several options to help students acquire the skills and confidence to be successful at MU:

  • LEAD:  A Residential Freshman Interest Group focused on Leadership and Identity (Fall semester only)
  • College Success Seminar (SSC 1150): 2-credit hour course that teaches college success strategies
  • Meetings with Study Plan Consultants and/or Student Service Coordinators

The LEAD Freshman Interest Group

The Leadership Exploration and Academic Discovery (LEAD) FIG-Plus program is a 17-week Freshman Interest Group designed specifically for TRiO Student Support Services participants. The FIG model co-enrolls students in four classes in the fall semester of their freshman year. Participants in the LEAD FIG are housed together during the semester in a centrally located, ADA-adaptable residential community. Course programming for the LEAD FIG is designed to encourage communication, exploration of self, and celebration of differences within and outside the campus community. It focuses on personal identity, leadership, and career development within a success skills framework.

The Non-Residential TRiO FIG

A second Freshman Interest Group is available for TRiO students who live off campus. Like LEAD, it is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, promote strategies for academic success, and help TRiO participants connect with faculty, students, and learning experiences that will broaden their horizons and strengthen their bonds to the campus.

College Success Seminar (SSC 1150)

College Success Seminar is a 2-credit hour course that engages students in activities designed to promote:

  1. self-assessment of their academic strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles
  2. effective time management and good study habits
  3. improved test preparation and test-taking skills
  4. judicious financial decision-making
  5. thoughtful exploration of potential majors and careers.

Consultations with Student Service Coordinators

Each participant in the TRiO Student Support Services program is assigned to a Student Service Coordinator who will work with them to plan the support services they need to be successful at MU. The Service Coordinators contact students on a regular basis to monitor their progress and ensure that they are following the plan and it is meeting their needs.

Peer Mentoring

TRiO Peer Mentors help students make connections on campus, provide tips on how to find and join campus organizations, how to talk to professors, set goals and manage time more effectively.

Interim Housing for Former Homeless Students and Foster Youth

The TRiO Program provides emergency housing for former homeless and foster youth during interim breaks (when classes are not in session).   Students who use this service must be registered for two consecutive semesters (eg. Fall/Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer Fall).

Support for Travel to Prospective Graduate Schools

The TRiO Program can provide some financial support to allow our participants to visit graduate schools that have accepted them for admission.

Cultural Events

The TRiO Program provides opportunities for students to experience a variety of cultural activities here in Columbia, including shows in the University Concert Series, University Theatre Department performances, and local film festivals.