TRiO Talks Podcast

TRiO Talks is a podcast by the University of Missouri TRiO Student Support Services Program for higher education campuses, and especially TRiO communities to hear. Join us every other Thursday as we showcase amazing students and staff members and how their lives are impacted by the TRiO program and beyond.

When she found out she was one of the Mizzou ’39 recipients of 2021, Lisette Perez was happy. But it also dawned on her that her years here at Mizzou are coming to a close. Tune into this episode to hear Perez reflect on her college experience and where it can lead her in the future and how her current leadership and advocacy will leave a lasting legacy at Mizzou.

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Mayah Clayton Image

Mayah Clayton’s a junior at Mizzou with a passion for people and it shows in her work. As a full-time student and a business owner, she continues to be a role model for people. Tune in to learn more about Clayton and her embarks on navigating college life.

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As Elijah Brown embarks on his final weeks before graduating this December, he reminisces on his many experiences and accomplishments here at Mizzou. Check out this episode to learn more about Elijah and what he’s done to ensure his success in college.

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Keith Woodard

Keith Woodard, a junior majoring in Marketing, is a student that has been through hard times but has worked hard to get to where he is today. His determination to succeed has gotten him far and he plans to take his current success even further. Find out about how all his hard work has payed off in this episode of TRiO Talks.
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Clayton Johnson

Clayton Johnson is a senior at Mizzou and just three years ago never thought he could make it as far as becoming royalty. That is until he came across TRiO. As homecoming royalty candidate, Johnson thanks the program and its support for changing his mindset over the years. Find out about Johnson’s experience as he progressed to becoming a royalty candidate for homecoming and eventually winning the elections and becoming Mizzou’s crowned Homecoming King of 2019!
Click here to listen:TRiO TALKS Podcast Episode 6

Kate Dunlap

As TRiO Talks kicks off a new school year, join host Ciara McCaskill as she learns more about the new TRiO academic advisor for the Trulaske College of Business. Find out Kate’s tips for new students and how she plans to take on her first year here at Mizzou and future years to come.
Click here to listen:TRiO TALKS Podcast Episode 5

Sijan McGinnis Profile Image

Sijan McGinnis, a junior interested in politics, has made his way all the way to the White House. Through many accomplishments with internships and involvements at the local, state, and federal levels of government, McGinnis gives props to those who have helped him along the way and highlights the importance of networking to help learn from the failures to get to the successes. Find out more about McGinnis and his experiences in this episode!
Click here to listen: TRiO TALKS Podcast Episode 4

Denaja Phillips Profile Picture

In this episode, we get an exclusive look of what college life has been like for seniors Nnamdi Egwuonwu and Denajha Phillips and how what they’ve done has led them to receiving the prestigious distinction of the Mizzou ’39 Award. Not only does this award recognize academic excellence and leadership, it also emphasizes service as well. And service is just what these two outstanding seniors have highlighted in their time here along with their involvements on and off campus. Find out more about how Nnamdi and Denajha have emulated these pillars and more in this episode!
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“Ola Babalola is a senior at Mizzou with big plans to fulfill big goals. Listen to hear more about how she goes for it in order to achieve those goals and her tips on how you can achieve yours.”
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My parent's aren't paying for me to be Mediocre.

“Do I really want to get to those goals that I set for myself?” Find out why his answer is yes on the first episode of TRiO Talks, starring freshman Torrey Davie! In this debut episode, Davie talks about why he chose Mizzou and his plans for while he’s here and after he graduates.
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