For more information about the TRiO program and who is eligible:
Contact: Mike Perkowski, TRiO Director

Address: 100 Student Success Center
Office Phone: (573) 882-2493

Mike Perkowski Profile Picture

Mike Perkowski, PhD

TRiO Director

Lisa Scheese Profile Picture

Lisa Scheese, PhD

TRiO Student Services Coordinator

Vicki Boyd-Kennedy Profile Picture

Vicki Boyd-Kennedy, MS

TRiO Academic Advisor

Catherine Patton

Catherine Patton, MEd

TRiO Academic Advisor, Health Professions

Kate Dunlap

Kate Dunlap, MA

TRiO Academic Advisor, Trulaske College of Business

Marco Pantoja Image

Marco Pantoja, MS, AFC®

Financial Counselor

Ash Cash Exantus Profile

Ash Cash Exantus

CEO of MindRight Money Management®