Bailey Synclaire Washington

Bailey Synclaire

Hello my fellow TRiO students!

My name is Bailey Synclaire Washington. I’m a junior at the University of Missouri Columbia studying documentary journalism. I’m also a first generation student and have been with TRiO since my freshman year. The summer before I started college I remember receiving a call about the TRiO FIG. I had never heard about TRiO before. Thus, I wasn’t eager to learn more information about the FIG. But as I came to read more about the opportunities they provided students such as free tutoring, scholarships, and access to National Leadership conferences, I realized I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking part in the FIG.

Coming to MU and leaving my family was already hard enough. But while being in the FIG, I was able to go through a smooth transition week where I learned about campus resources, tutoring options, and was able to meet MU faculty members. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience, and by second semester I was gearing up to attend my first National Leadership conference in Denver, Colorado. Who knew that two years later I would be attending my third conference as a speaker?

I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way, but it’s because I’ve utilized all the resources given to me by the TRiO program. I’ve traveled every year, met incredible people who are now my mentors, and am currently working a great job as the TRiO programing assistant.