Donellia Levy

Deonellia Levy

Hello TRiO! My name is Donellia Levy, I am a senior this year graduating in December from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve majored in Textile and Apparel Management during my time here at Mizzou which sparked a passion for working not only in a physical shop in the sales sector, but an added interest in working at the corporate level that would allow me to work in some form of brand development or social media marketing.

My experience here at Mizzou has been an amazing one that I will carry with me in the rest of my life, but some of my favorite memories come from participating in TRiO. At first I didn’t really know anything about TRiO, until I met a member of TRiO faculty that really proved to be a light in my life. I became a TRiO Ambassador shortly after, and being one for a few years has been an amazing experience as I’ve gotten to see firsthand the support TRiO provides for students. I also got to be apart of this help, helping to improve TRiO students’ Mizzou experiences as well, and I loved it.